Possible Titles of Future Tell-All Memoirs My Kids Will Write About Me

RT If You Love Me: A Daughter’s Quixotic Quest for Validation

Please Put on Some Pants My Friends Are Coming Over

The Freudian Permission Slip: Basic Parenting Shit My Mom Always Forgot That May Have Revealed Her Ambivalence About Being a Mother in the First Place

“UGHGHGH This is Literally So Boring To Me Right Now” And Other Ways Our Mom Told Us She Cared

Okay, Mom, But Don’t Fucking Pretend You’re Making Those Cookies For Us

She’s My Mom Not My Sister and Please Stop Encouraging Her

Please Don’t Wake Me Up When You Get Back From Your Improv Show Drunk at 2 AM

She Never Yelled But She Used That “Yelling Voice” All The Time You Know The One I’m Talking About

But Mommy Wanted Wine: A Life in the Shadows

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